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The truth of the matter is you have been lied to since you remember 99% of athletes that claim natural aren’t.

The world of fitness modelling acting and bodybuilding as well as the sports world contains in it one of the single biggest lies in the world today.

That the people you look at, achieve results naturally. Practically every single person you look at in the media with a body you would desire has achieved it artificially, using steroids and hgh. Many people think this is the exception whereas in fact this is the rule ! It is a fact !!!! In this section Fedya Nasosovich explains to you all about how to design cycles for cutting or bulking using orals such as dianabol winstrol and anavar .
Or using injectables Such as trenbolone testosterone and primobolan ….. Including the dosages and cycle frequency for each as well pitfalls and problems you may encounter.

As a coach to people who have been world champions in muay thai.
As a coach to mma athletes as high as ufc level.
As a coach to bodybuilders with pro cards.
As a coach to Lifetime achievement models.
I have seen it all when it comes to the substances these people use in this section
you will get full knowledge about what you need to use in order to achieve the body you desire.




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