The best HGH in the world!

Human Growth Hormone – somatropin is the wonder substance of the last few decades.
It is used by everyone from models to bodybuilders, athletes to actors from singers to celebrities.
It is nothing short of a miracle substance, it is know as the master hormone. For this reason it builds muscle, burns fat, repairs old injuries and makes you look younger.
Dosages for youth and beauty range between 1-2 iu per day. For a model like body around 3iu per day and for bodybuilding purposes around 5iu per day.
Norditropin Nordilet simplexx is the highest quality pharmaceutical hgh in the world and stands out for the reason
that it is highly stable outside the fridge for extended periods of time as well as being the only hgh in the world which is premixed.

Each amp contains 45iu / 15mg in 1.5ml .
Each order is handled personally by me in conjunction with the pharmacist and doctor.
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